Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ruffled out...

So my friend officially renamed the dungeon to "fun-geon" and I am rolling with it! Sure its dark and unfinished, but hey, it works and dang it! Lots of fun happens down there! I am headed out of town for the weekend on a "stay cation" with the whole fam! We go up to Deer Valley every summer and stay in a fabulous house and do nothing but play. So excited!! But I wanted to share an ottoman I finished yesterday for one of my favorite clients! She is awesome! She has a chair/ottoman combo we are doing. She originally was gonna do a more expensive fabric for the chair, but after seeing the ottoman she switched gears. So will be doing her chair when I get home. So back to the ottoman. She had a certain way she wanted the ottoman to look. So after a few magazine shots and hand drawn sketches later (which is so funny, both of our hand drawn pictures look like my 3 yr old drew them! lol!) we nailed down the design. Instead of doing the tradition piping with welt, we did a french welt and then ruffled it. She wanted a more loose and casual fit, so I hemmed the bottom and vuala! Before: After: How sweet it that! It turned out great!! After seeing it, she decided against going with super expensive fabric for the chair. Instead she is gonna use drop cloth and get a yard or two of the expensive stuff and will do the piping and a few pillows out of it. This was a good call since the chair will be in the family room. Just a reminder.... get your stuff booked with me soon to keep my current prices, they will be going up in a few weeks!

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  1. Wish I could book you now for all the treasures I will find while thrift shopping in the future. :)