Friday, September 2, 2011

Top Heavy

So here it is, just like I promised!! When this chair was all finished I just laughed...the shape of the chair reminds me of a "top heavy" woman! something I have never experienced... But despite being blessed with a "top" it turned out great! The chair was super comfy to begin with but the fabric I used made it even better! It was a super soft, dare I say blanket soft weave of all sorts of browns and creams. I did the piping out of a cream a gold weave and boy oh boy does it look great! I just want to curl up to a good book on this chair. Well, who a, I kidding...The last book I read was...Crap, I cant remember! More like curl up to a good episode of MTV's Rivals!

Back to my post...I ripped off the existing skirt to make room for a simple box skirt. This one is available for $150! I told you i would pass the savings on to you! Call, text (801-209-5531) or email me if yo want to come see it! I am headed of to Powell with my hubby for a whole week! So if you don't hear from me, just wait longer!! Have a great weekend!!!


dont you just love the 3 pillows. As if she were not top heavy enough, they just had to add not one, but 3 more pillows!!!

Dont pretend that you don't secretly love pair the cobalt blue wing chairs in the background... those were another score! they will be slipped in a chocolate linen. I cant decide if i should do the piping in a cream or leave it chocolate. any thoughts????

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