Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is simple better??

Yes, I realize it is 12:30 in the a.m, but I find myself asking the question, "Is simple. better?" I am working on my next project. An awesome couch with great lines, which, in my mind I think deserves some equally awesome and great fabric. When ever I do a project to sell, I should think neutral color and patterns, right??? No! I am finding that I always think of myself, my life and who may be buying this. I say this because I have 2 little kids that have been known to get dirty fingers, faces and feet all over my furniture and I have found that pattern and color are great friends to that dirty combo...They hide ALL that! I know designers tell you to go with more neutral colors and pop the color and prints in the pillows. I really try hard to stick to that, and I do occasionally, but I always find myself going to obnoxious colors and patterns. Sure I feel great when I buy the fabric then have my doubts when I am constructing it. I have a moments of panic, but I always love how they turn out in the end. If you are gonna REUPHOLSTER something, then sure, go for the safer choice, since it is attached to your furniture, but with slipcovers I think they allow you to have more fun. I guess I am braver than most, or just don't care what other people think as long as it makes me happy, but deep down inside I think people really want to go with the bolder color or prints but are scared to take that leap. Why slipcover your furniture to look like something you can find at R.C. Willeys (I am not knocking them, our sectional came from there) or like your neighbors couch when you could have the couch that everyone loves and wish they could have!

I guess what I am rambling on about is, I, personally DON'T think simple is better. I love to take risks and I love it when they pay off. Especially when someone loves what I have created even more than me. So my goal for my fellow readers is to be brave!! Have some fun!! its just fabric....and it can be changed!!!

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